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Welcome to the
Momma & Me 

5-31 (Sun) Presque Isle
Only $33pp...Rec. $35

6-9 (Tues) Presque Isle
Only $33pp...Rec. $35

6-14 (Sun) Meadows
Only $35pp...Rec. $30

 6-28 (Sun) Presque Isle
Only $33pp...Rec. $35


7-12 (Sun) Scioto Columbus
Only $38pp...Rec. $25

7-14 (Tues) Presque Isle Only $33pp...Rec. $35

7-26 (Sun) Presque Isle

Only $33pp...Rec. $35


8-11 (Tues) Presque Isle
Only $33pp...Rec. $35

8-16 (Sun) Mountaineer
Only $33pp...Rec. $25

Overnight atRising Star +
Scioto Columbus +
Miami Valley (NEW-only a year old!!)
Aug 24th (Mon)  and 25th (Tues)
revised price
Only $125 single
...rec. $50 slots + $5 food + a breakfast and a dinner
Includes motor coach transportation, snacks, drinks & games on the bus, baggage handling, First Rate Hotel
Now taking reservations
Money is due by 7-25-15
after 7-25, add $35pp

8-30 (Sun) Presque Isle
Only $33pp...Rec. $35

9-15 (Tues) Presque Isle
Only $33pp...Rec. $35

New Year's Eve
Columbus Scioto
Evening trip - will be at the casino when the ball drops
snacks & sandwiches will be served
Games on the comfy coach bus
still working on the price

Checks / Money Orders to:
Momma and Me
P O Box 623      Amherst, Ohio    44001  
Now taking Credit & Debit Cards
All trips are pre-paid
Must receive payment minimum 1 week prior to trip
or your seat may be re-sold
Cancellations for day trips less than 72 hours prior to trip = NO refund & NO credit
Overnight trips NO refund
(unless you find a replacement)
Questions ??
Office hours 9AM - 8PM
Check back often for updates and/or changes!!
Snacks and games on the comfy coach bus
Gift Certificates always Available
in any Amount
Thanks for visiting!!
Lorain and Elyria
pick ups
Tons of FUN!!
9AM - 8PM

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